COST Action C17: Built Heritage: Fire Loss to Historic Buildings

cost c17 action booklet publications fire loss to built heritage

Cost Action C17 – Fire loss to historic buildings – has been an important activity on fire safety of historical and cultural buildings developed with EU funds that ended its activity in 2006. The intention of the Action was to address the significant physical and cultural loss of Europe’s built heritage to the damaging effects of fire.

Cost Action C17 (financed by the European Science Foundation under the European project of Cooperation in the field of science and technology program) has been active in the years 2002-2006 and has focused its  work on:

  • establishing a well-documented survey of up-to-date technical expertise to assist in influencing future developments in fire protection technology for use in historic buildings
  • defining an appropriate range of passive and active technical equipment countermeasures
  • considering alternative approaches to assist in stemming current loss levels
  • organising a series of conferences and/or workshops to develop thinking for effective risk assessment techniques and risk mapping using insurance company and other data
  • promoting findings and benefits of relevant risk assessment methodologies and property management support
  • effecting know-how dissemination through publishing proceedings and recommendations

The Action made it possible to organize several technical meetings in different European venues. In the downloadble publication “CDbooklet” (produced by the Cost c17 Action) it is possible to read the list of the publications associated to the action.


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