Latvian Museum of the Occupation in Riga Attacked

An arson attack occurred at the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia on 28 February 2024. The attack, carried out with a Molotov cocktail, damaged the director’s office and some rooms in the museum, but caused no injuries.

Reconstruction in Museum of the Occupation of Latvia (Wikipedia)

Latvian authorities arrested three suspects in connection with the attack, calling it a premeditated act against Latvian history and national identity.

The museum, which commemorates the Soviet and Nazi occupation of Latvia, has suffered several intimidations in recent years, but continues its mission of historical testimony with the support of local and international partners.

The 28 February 2024 was not the first attack on the Museum. In 2023, shots were fired at the windows of the Museum, in 2022, the flagpole next to the Museum was damaged and its Ukrainian flag was stolen. Windows have been smashed several times at the Museum’s exhibition in the Corner House (former KGB building). 

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