Fire at Zurich Carpenters’ Guildhouse cause death of Firefighter


A 650-year-old building in Zurich, known as the Zimmerleuten guild house, suffered extensive damage in a recent fire, resulting in the destruction of historical artifacts. This incident adds to a series of Swiss monuments previously affected by fires. The guild house, a significant historical landmark, housed the carpenters’ guild and played a vital role in Zurich’s political and social history. The cause of the fire is unknown, but it originated on the second floor, destroying valuable elements dating back to 1156. The loss is considered a significant blow to Zurich’s heritage. Emergency services responded to the incident, and one person died from injuries sustained during the operation. The building’s damage was estimated at SFr1 million ($890,000). The carpenters’ guild had owned the structure, also known as the House of the Red Eagle, since 1459.

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