Water Mist in Cultural Heritage Buildings: a White Paper

Cover of the 2004 COWI – RIKSANTIKVAREN – COST C17 publication “White Paper on Water Mist for Protection of Heritage

In 2004, the advent of water mist technology marked a promising frontier in fire protection, particularly in safeguarding the cultural heritage embedded within architectural treasures. Throughout Europe, numerous fixed installations have been strategically implemented, and a plethora of ongoing research endeavors continues to explore the nuanced potential of this innovative approach.

While prevailing standardization processes have yet to encompass the unique realm of heritage applications, the adaptability of performance-based codes has consistently favored the integration of cutting-edge water mist solutions. The COST Action C17 Working Group presents a comprehensive report, drawing upon accumulated experiences and disseminating fundamental insights into the application of water mist technology for the preservation of our cultural heritage.

Within this discourse, the report deals with the multifaceted challenges, far-reaching implications, and future perspectives intrinsic to this evolving technology. The overarching goal is to delineate a roadmap that ensures the optimal protection of European heritage. As part of this initiative, a discerning guide elucidating the acceptance and approval processes for mist systems in heritage contexts is dealt in the white paper, dated July 2004, developed on behalf of Riksantikvaren – The Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage (RNDCH).

This document serves as a beacon, providing essential guidance and insights to facilitate the seamless integration of water mist systems into the intricate tapestry of cultural preservation.

Water Mist in Heritage Report 12 July 2004

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