Insurgent Army (UPA) Museum of Ukrainian in Lviv, dedicated to Corporal Roman Shukhevych, was completely destroyed by a drone attack, as announced by Lviv Mayor Andrii Sadovyi on January 1st, 2024, at approximately 07:00.

The museum, housed in a two-story building, succumbed to the flames caused by the aerial assault. The significance of this memorial museum lay in its historical context, as it occupied the very house where Shukhevych passed away.

The Roman Shukhevych Memorial Museum on January 1,st 2024 in a picture of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (Picture from: State Emergency Service of Ukraine under Creative Commons license).

Destruction also extended to valuable artifacts, including a bust crafted by Ukrainian monumental sculptor Mykhailo Chereshnyovskyi and historical items associated with the UPA, which had been preserved in the building.

The deputy director of the Lviv Historical Museum lamented the loss, stating that while a significant portion of the main museum funds had been safeguarded at the onset of the war, some sizable items remained in the museum and fell victim to the destruction.

Fire not only claimed the historical artifacts but also engulfed Roman Shukhevych’s residence, including its furnishings such as chairs, a table, a piano, and an armchair. The wreckage of the drones attack left no room for the evacuation of these items.